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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A. Goals and Objectives (Continued)

o To administer Model Spinal Cord Injury Projects^ previously
administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration,

o To establish an Interagency rehabilitation research information

o To establish two new Research and Training Centers—one for

pediatrics and one for disabled Pacific Basin residents*

B« Progress and Accomplishments

o Progress has been made on the major revision of the long-range plan
for rehabilitation research9 with emphasis on the priority areas of
mental illness, mental retardation, vocational rehabilitation. Inde-
pendent living, development of technological systems, private sector
Involvement 1n device development, network development for dissemina-
tion and utilization of research findings, and continuing research
and development programs (E.I).

o NIHR conducted two grant competitions for Model Spinal Cord Injury
Projects; 17 awards were made*

o An Interagency Rehabilitation Research Information System was
established—data are being collected*

o Two Research and Training Centers were established, one 1n Pediatrics
(University of Connecticut), and the other for Pacific Basin disabled
persons (University of Hawaii).

C. Costs» Benefits, and Effectiveness:

Program Scope and Costs;

The numbers of funded projects for NIHR's major programs are shown in the table*

Actual         Estimate

1983          1984        1985

Number Funded:                                                        101            161          157

Research and Training Centers (RTC)               31              35         "TRT

Rehabilitation Engineering Centers (REC)     18              16            16

Research and Utilization Projects (RVP)       35              47            37

Field-Initiated Projects (FIP)                        -             46           56

Fellowships                                                         17             17           15

Model Spinal Cord Projects                               -             17           10 and